What School Britannia Offers


offers placements in:

  1. Boarding schools – during the academic school year
  2. Summer schools and summer camps – during the school holidays
  3. Language schools for 17+ – throughout the year

School Britannia provides an advisory service, assisting families to find top-quality, traditional British boarding schools and inspirational summer schools and camps for their children.

School Britannia works to help children not only to improve their English, but also for them to become part of the crew – rather than remaining a foreign onlooker.

School Britannia encourages children to delve further into the British way of life, to immerse themselves in the culture as well as the language; above all, to enjoy themselves as they learn.

The emphasis is on the child as an individual; the aim is for each child to make the most of this exceptional opportunity.

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“ In English-speaking countries, brainpower is important but not everything. Just as significant is personality, teamwork and the sort of interests and personal experiences that help to shape character. ”

~ Peter Gumbel: Educational expert
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