The organisers were very friendly.  The first day of my stay, they were very welcoming.  Every question I asked had an answer from them.

~ Alexandre, 13

It was wonderful to be a boarder because it made me confident and it is a very good experience and I am never gonna forget this lovely time with all the boarders and the help of Mr and Mrs Davis.  They are very helpful for every boarder!  So in conclusion it was a very nice time.

~ Aloys, 10

I liked the spy missions, the outdoor activities (especially in the woods) and the evening activities.  The English pupils were really nice and friendly to me.

~ Arthur, 12

“I would like to assure all parents who would like to send their children to summer camps or summer schools that, thanks to School Britannia, I really feel that I was given a tailor-made service for my son Flavien, who is 12 years old. I wanted him to speak in English as much as possible – and also have a fun time.

When I collected him from the airport the first thing he said to me was “I am going back there next year.” He had so much to tell us about the activities he had done; he would definitely not have had the possibility to do so many things with us.

We have been very fortunate to find School Britannia.”

~ Sylvie, mother of Flavien, 12

“It was so, so good. I made lots of friends of lots of different nationalities and learnt so many different things, all of which will be useful throughout my life. The countryside setting was gorgeous: a big change for me who lives in the Caribbean! It was just great. And everything was in English all the time. Many, many thanks to School Britannia for helping me make the perfect choice!”

~ Hughes, 17

There were subjects I haven’t got in France, such as Home Economics, DT (we worked in wood), Classics and Debating.

~ Raphaelle, 13

I really had a good time in boarding school because it was like being part of a big family.

~ Adèle, 13

“Amazing friends, an incredible journey and education…..going away was a choice that I will never regret. “

~ Ophélie, 18

“I really don’t know how to thank you enough for recommending this wonderful boarding school for my daughter Octavie. She had such a happy time there and her English improved in a spectacular manner. She discovered a balanced way of life, the pleasure of living with others, and of learning, which is a rare experience for a French schoolchild. Octavie particularly enjoyed the high-level and positive method of teaching because she felt appreciated and also took responsibility for herself, which I believe to be the best way to motivate a child.

Octavie’s time at the school was such a success that she only dreams of one thing : to go back next year.”

~ Marie, Paris

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