November 2014 A few Old Boys’ and Old Girls’ contributions to the world

The Theory of Evolution    Charles Darwin   (Shrewsbury)

126LoveAtFirstSightKateMiddletonInAmKate Middleton’s most glamorous dresses  Amanda Wakeley   (Cheltenham Ladies’ College)

The song ‘You are Beautiful’  James Blunt  (Harrow)

Winnie the Pooh   A A Milne   (Westminster)




Nina CampbellChintz and Country House Style  Nina Campbell   (Heathfield)

The World Wide Web    Tim Berners Lee   (Emmanuel)




UnknownCats, Evita, Phantom of the Opera   Andrew Lloyd Webber   (Westminster)

The bag-less vacuum cleaner    James Dyson   (Gresham’s)

Duckface in ‘Four Weddings & A Funeral’  Anna Chancellor  (St Mary’s Shaftesbury)

Downton Abbey    Julian Fellowes    (Ampleforth College)

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