I had a slightly worrying conversation with a French mother a few weeks ago. Her daughter is going to spend the Summer term at a prep school in England; this has been organised for some time. In our recent exchange of emails checking up on the organisation, the mother replied to me that her daughter was supposed to be going to England for the Spring term; not the Summer term, as I had stated.   As the Spring term is well under way in England, I was slightly perplexed (and, I have to admit, rather worried…)

To my great relief, the meeting of English eccentricity (EE) and French logic (FL) finally brought light on the misunderstanding and therefore here – for the benefit of anyone thinking of sending their child to England for the third and final term this year or in the future – here is an Anglo/French explanation:


2nd TERM = SPRING TERM  Generally from the second week in January until a week or two before Easter Day


EASTER HOLIDAYS (always incorporating Easter Day)


3rd TERM = SUMMER TERM  Generally from a week or two after Easter Day until the beginning of July



1)             EE: The Spring Term finishes before Spring officially begins.

FL: The Spring Term is actually in the Winter

2)             EE: The Summer Term ends a few days after the beginning of the official Summer

FL: The Summer Term is actually in the Spring



Having got that straight (I hope) here are a few things to bear in mind if you are still thinking of sending your child to school in Britain for the SUMMER TERM:

1)             The term starts between 12th-18th April at most schools and finishes between 2nd-9th July;

2)             There is a week’s holiday (half-term), generally at the end of May;

3)             Lots of lovely things go on: cricket, athletics, rounders, swimming (inside and out), camp-outs, activity weeks, outward bound weeks, Sports Day, Prize-Giving….

4)             Not forgetting the public and end-of-term exams………(more in next month’s newsletter)

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