“Our goals as educators are surely to
equip children with the necessary skills
and capacities that will enable them to
thrive in the future and be happy,
confident citizens of the world.”

~ Headmaster, John Brett


School Britannia can recommend a large selection of schools which would welcome French children and guarantee that they enjoy the full, British boarding school opportunity.  The longer your child is able to spend at a British boarding school, the larger your choice of establishment – and the more beneficial the experience. Many schools will only take a pupil for a minimum of one year, but – if there are spaces in a boarding house – a stay of one term, or even less, can be arranged.  These shorter stays are easier to arrange between the ages of 8 to 13, after which British children will be starting to work towards their GCSE and ‘A’ level public exams.  The longer your child is able to spend at a British boarding school, the larger your choice of establishment – and the more beneficial the experience.


Whilst the majority of schools are situated in rural areas, it is possible to find a school in or close to a country town.  Many schools offer fully and weekly boarding as well as catering for day pupils.  Weekends are always busy, with both compulsory and optional activities and excursions.  Children can travel back home at Exeat weekends or arrangements can be made for them to stay with a friend or appointed guardian.


Although all schools propose a wide variety of academic and sporting options, each school will have a particular strength or ethos which will help you in your decision.  There are many factors which may help you: a school strong in rugby, or in music; an all boys school or co-educational; a school with a large percentage of international students, or with a small number of full boarders.  It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that you are spoilt for choice; there is so much on offer and all of it of excellent quality.


The price range for full boarding (2015/2016) is:

Prep School (8-13 years): between £6,500 and £8,500 per term

Public School (13-18 years): between £8,500 and £11,500 per term


Boarding pupils live in houses within the school, made up of between 20-55 children.  The team responsible for the children is committed and caring.  The staff aim to create a homely feel to the house and ensure the children’s happiness and well-being; there is always an adult available to talk to.  The house system varies slightly at each school, but generally a boarding house has a Housemaster or Housemistress (or House Parents) in charge, a Deputy Housemaster or Housemistress, a matron and house tutors (responsible for academic mattes and pastoral concerns).  A child will generally become very loyal to and proud of his particular house.


Each term is divided by a week or 10 days of holiday, known as half-term, during which the school closes and all pupils go back home (or to stay with friends or family).  There are generally 3 weeks’ holiday at Christmas and 3 weeks at Easter.  The Easter holidays move according to the date of Easter Day so that it falls during the holidays and not during school time.  Exact holiday dates will vary between schools.


Parents can contact the school at all times.  Whilst most children will have a mobile telephone and computer and can call or email their parents, they are often too busy to do so.  If a parent has any concern, query or simply wants to have an update on their child, they can reach the housemaster, housemistress or tutor by telephone or email.  The school website generally has a list of email addresses for all members of staff which can be used if a parent has a particular question or comment to make.


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