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“I think that if you sit kids down, day
after day, doing passive activities, you
shouldn’t be surprised if they fidget.”

~ Sir Ken Robinson


This can be from one week to two months, although such a long stay at one camp might become rather repetitive and would not be recommended.  If your child did wish to stay in England for 2 months during the summer, it would be possible to divide the time between several camps.  School Britannia can propose a few camps which offer holidays during the Easter holidays or during the month of June, but the majority of summer schools or camps run in July and August, to coincide with the British school holidays.


The summer camps recommended by School Britannia are set in rural areas throughout Great Britain, but there is also the possibility to enrol in summer schools in well-known university towns such as Oxford and Cambridge.  Some of the larger summer schools are based in well-known private schools in order to make use of their exceptional facilities; others in smaller properties within the unspoiled British countryside, far from noise, pollution and the clamour of city life.


There is a wide choice.  The camps specialising in outdoor pursuits offer a panoply of activities.  These range from riding, tennis, swimming and surfing to gorge walking, abseiling, mountain biking, rafting, high rope courses and many, many more.   All are run by qualified instructors and each camp has the statutory national safety certifications.  Other, more specialised summer schools include dance centres, film schools, sailing courses, or cricket academies.  There is something for everyone.

It is also possible to find summer schools specialising in improving a child’s academic English; these dynamic courses include tuition in interviewing techniques, university orientation and applications, debating and life skills.


Prices start at £650 per week (2015/2016)


School Britannia aims to find much more than just a language holiday for your child.  Their experience promises to be varied, stimulating and inspirational.  They will learn to work better as an individual within a team and have a great deal of fun – and exercise – whilst learning excellent English!  Children are generally divided into groups according to their date of birth; the age spread across the residential camps is between 8 and 19 years old, with some camps specialising in certain age ranges.  There will be plenty of new friends to be made.  The schedule of each camp varies, but one thing is sure: your child will never be bored, never left alone in a corner and never be denied the opportunity to join in.


English lessons can be arranged as an optional extra at most summer activity camps to consolidate the English learnt outside the classroom.


Many summer camps offer a group pick-up at the beginning and end of each week, from an allocated airport or train station, depending on the location of the summer camp.   Any travel outside these times can be arranged on an individual basis and will be charged accordingly.


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