was set up to assist French children in finding top-quality, traditional British boarding schools and inspirational summer camps.  It aims to help children not only learn to speak excellent English, but also for them to become part of the crew, rather than remaining a foreign onlooker.

School Britannia wants to encourage children to delve further into the British way of life, to immerse themselves in the culture as well as the language.  Above all, to enjoy themselves as they learn.


School Britannia offers a consultation service placing pupils in carefully selected British boarding schools or summer camps on a short-term or longer-term basis.  This enables French children to learn English in authentic, privileged environments of outstanding quality alongside British pupils.

School Britannia guarantees to banish the image of an archetypical English language holiday.

The emphasis is on the child as an individual and the aim is for each child to make the most of this exceptional opportunity.


Fill in the form provided by School Britannia, giving as much detail as possible about your child. Following confirmation that you wish to continue the process, School Britannia will send you the names of a selection of suitable schools or summer camps, after verifying with the organisation that they have a place available for your child.

School Britannia will then accompany you throughout the admission procedure with the chosen establishment. In the case of schools, this may require a written or oral test to be completed by your child.

If, having received the names of schools or camps, you decide not to proceed with the registration, School Britannia will ask for a payment of €75 for a camp or €150 for a school for the work carried out.

“ In English-speaking countries, brainpower is important but not everything. Just as significant is personality, teamwork and the sort of interests and personal experiences that help to shape character. ”
~ Peter Gumbel : “They Shoot School Kids, Don’t They”


Olivia Bédier is English, married to a Frenchman and has lived in Paris for 20 years.  Olivia’s four teenage children are at boarding school in England, having followed the French education system until the age of 13.  Olivia was herself educated at an all-girls’ boarding school in England.  Whilst bringing up her children, she obtained a degree in Humanities, and taught English to small groups of children at a French boys’ school and in a children’s hospital in Paris.  Olivia is passionate about children having a well-balanced, all-round education, believing this to be of fundamental importance for a fulfilled adult and professional life.


For a top-quality, personalised service. Olivia Bédier knows the British boarding school system both as a pupil and as a parent. Olivia has visited over 150 schools and 35 summer camps and can therefore help you choose an organisation where your child will thrive. School Britannia will place your child in schools or summer camps adapted to his or her character and will know how many other French children – if any – are already at that establishment. Particular thought is put into the wishes of each family and child to ensure that their memories of learning English and spending time in Britain are extremely happy.


Olivia Bédier has travelled extensively around Great Britain in search of reputable, well-established boarding schools and summer camps. Most are set in acres of parkland in the British countryside, although several are based in or on the edge of rural towns. All offer outstanding facilities and opportunities to discover a wide range of subjects and activities: from astronomy to golf and from electronics to bee keeping. This all combines to foster independence and a spirit of adventure, whilst achieving an excellent standard of the English language.

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